Our Services: Recycle List

Curbside Services, Inc. will help to keep your neighborhood clean and your yards clear of unwanted debris. We can come by your home and take care of any loads you need removed, all in a quick and capable manner. While we’re there, feel free to ask us any questions. Curbside Services, Inc. encourages you to recycle.

We accept the following items:

–  Newspaper and Inserts
–  Cardboard Boxes
–  Pizza Boxes
–  Kraft Paper
–  Cereal Boxes
–  Paper Towel Cores
–  Tissue Paper Cores
–  Tissue Boxes
–  Computer Paper
–  Office Paper & File Folders
–  Calendars
–  School Papers
–  Magazines
–  Shopping Catalog
–  Envelopes
–  Paperboard
–  Paper Grocery/ Shopping Bags
–  Soda Cartons
–  Telephone Books
–  Paperback Books
–  Paper Lunch Bags
–  Discarded Mail
–  Carbonless Paper Forms
–  Aluminum Beverage Containers
–  Steel/Tin Food Containers
–  Glass Bottles & Jars (Green, Brown, Clear)
–  Plastic Bottles/ Containers #1 -7
–  Shredded Paper  (must be bagged in
paper bag or clear plastic bags)

–  Click here for recycling requirements