About Curbside Services

Curbside Services, Inc. is a family affair through and through! We established our business in 2000, and over the last decade, our focus has never strayed from providing the best in sanitation and recycling services for our fellow Georgia residents. It’s our customers who have made Curbside Services, Inc. what it is today with excellent referrals. We keep our rates as low as possible so we can serve as many families as we can. Don’t hesitate to call and see how we can take care of you. From simple pickups to lawn debris and recycling, we’re here to help.

Giving Back

The response from Georgia’s residential community since we opened our recycling doors in 2000 has been amazing. In return, we at Curbside Services, Inc. do everything we can to show our appreciation. We also want to express the importance of proper trash disposal and recycling to the next generation. That is why we are adamant initiators, supporters and affiliates for recycle education in our schools.

To keep things fun for everyone, we’ll often create games alongside our educational campaigns. During one drive, local schools collected stray aluminum cans for us to pick up. We resold these cans and earned a total donation of $500 for Georgia Natural Resources! We’ve also held raffles in which the lucky winner would become “Garbage Man for the Day”!

Curbside Services, Inc. is proud to provide local sponsorships as well.  We love taking part in the community parades, and nothing is more exciting than supporting our local softball and baseball teams. Getting today’s youth involved in recycling opens the door for a better tomorrow.